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company introduction

qinghai spring medicinal resources technology co., ltd.

  qinghai spring medicinal resources technology co., ltd. is an a-share listed company (stock name: qinghai spring; stock code: 600381) founded in 2003, and a key high-tech enterprise and industrial leader in qinghai province. the company focuses on ophiocordyceps sinensis products on the comprehensive health board, and drink and beverages on the fast moving consumer goods board.
  on the comprehensive health board, qinghai spring formally launched pure ophiocordyceps sinensis powder products of verygrass 5x series based on systematic research on ophiocordyceps sinensis and in combination with pharmaceutical processes and technology in modern medicine in 2009. the series products are the highest achievements in the field of physical processing of ophiocordyceps sinensis, bringing an epoch-making reform to the whole ophiocordyceps sinensis industry.

verygrass-clean ophiocordyceps sinensis
  chongcao shenqi gao, now a core product of qinghai spring, is the only condensed decoction compound product among ophiocordyceps sinensis products in china, the prescription of which originates from changsheng guben fang (a prescription for longevity and strengthening the foundation) given by gong tingxian, a famous doctor in the ming dynasty, with the effect of replenishing qi, nourishing blood, benefiting kidneys and reinforcing yang. besides, qinghai spring also boasts 5 other kinds of chinese traditional patent medicine with ophiocordyceps sinensis as a major raw material.

chongcao shenqi gao
  as for drink and beverages on the fast moving consumer goods board, qinghai spring is dedicated to brew good drink less harmful to the human body with innovative science and technology. for example, liang lu series drink is brewed with the technology of “5a precise brewing” and under the guidance of metabolic experiments, which is a representative product following the idea that “liquor can cause harm, which can be relieved with scientific methods”.

liang lu
  besides, qinghai spring has also developed huo lu juice herbal tea with the technology of “5a precise brewing”, which is different from other kinds of traditional herbal tea in its fresh taste and drinking feel, better meeting the needs of consumers.


huo lu juice herbal tea
  qinghai spring is always dedicated to meeting the needs of the mass market in the dimensions of science and health, adhering to a concept of product research and development based on science and technology and with innovation as its soul, to continuously provide safer, better, healthier and more cost effective consumer goods for customers and be an enterprise trusted and loved by the public.
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